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    Steve Jordahl, BA, MA, EdD

    Dr. Steve Jordahl has a strong background in the field of education, including eleven years as a classroom teacher, 15 years as a public school administrator in America and four years as an Associate Superintendent and Principal in China. He possesses a prominent background in education, with a Bachelor of Arts Degree and Master's Degree from University of Minnesota, a Sixth Year Certificate from St. Cloud State University and a Doctorate Degree in Education Leadership from the University of North Dakota. With three decades of professional experience in public schools, he has engaged in numerous trainings that resulted in the best practices of education. His vision for the Saint Paul American Program includes building a strong community of multi-capable students that will lead the world of tomorrow. With his broad experience in education, along with a positive attitude and extensive training in leadership skills, Dr. Jordahl wants to bring the Saint Paul American School program of Hanoi into a promising future.

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    Today, August 13th is the start of our fourth year at St Paul Hanoi.  170 Students arrived at school this morning, excited about this coming new year.  Teachers were ready to receive the students and well prepared for what promises to be a great year ahead.

    On Tuesday, the 12th the Orientation Program was opened by Dr Steven Jordahl the new principal of St Paul Hanoi - below an extract of his speech.

    With a new school year upon us, we are excited about our journey to implement a significant change that will positively impact your child; we expect that this year will be an incredible adventure. I am excited about the possibilities, and I know that we can achieve a great deal when we work together as a team to achieve success. This school, and the Nacel organization, consists of administrators and staff members with the intent to facilitate involvement by everyone to assure your child succeeds.

    I believes that an American education is all about developing critical thinkers in an environment designed to enhance creativity. The Common Core Standards of America and the Minnesota Graduation Standards are essential for students if they are going to succeed in the American University system, but the curriculum and assessments are just a fraction of what students should receive for success. I believe that all students should be exposed to opportunities that will develop them as servant leaders. Whether it is though the arts, athletics or clubs, all students need to experience a sense of what it means to give back to their school and community. It is my hope that students develop into international leaders that serve this world with the intent of making it a better place for everyone.

    Parents and students, I've assembled a great team of teachers that will work collaboratively to see you achieve, but we can't do it alone. You must be a major player in this journey of bringing your child a successful education. After all, you are your child's first and most important teacher. Researchers have been studying for more than 30 years the effects parents have on their children's academic success. The results have been consistent. When parents are involved in their children's education at home, they do better in school. Therefore, all of us must work together to get this mission accomplished. Having said this, I want to redirect my message to the students.

    Students, everyone here is committed to making this a year a wonderful adventure. This group will point you in the right success. Allow this moment in time to be a starting point for you. Be led by this wonderful group of people.

    I aspire to the notion that I am placed in a setting that is meant to set forth a clear path for your success so that you can learn and enjoy your adventure. After all, I love a great adventure. It is such a great honor to be in this leadership role.

    All of us are here to provide you direction so you know where your destination of success can be found. We'll point you in the right direction, but following the right path is a responsibility that falls on your shoulders. You'll need to work smart to stay clear of the obstacles that may slow you down. Your job is to work through those obstacles so that so that you can keep moving forward. When you face adversity, and you will, allow it to make you smarter and stronger in character. Allow the adversity in your life to help you become a better person and a better leader.

    I want to conclude by stressing the importance of serving others. I could talk about the importance of being on the student council, being a tutor/mentor, and/or being a part of the yearbook committee. I could name several other clubs or organization that you could join, but this message is more than just the notion of joining something. This is about the natural feeling of "wanting" to serve others. It comes from that desire of wanting to help others be successful, of wanting to make your communities better places to live, and having so much pride in this school that you want to see St. Paul American School heading in the "right direction" long after you have left. That natural feeling becomes energizing, and it energizes others. Once you experience what it is to energize others through your service, you then aspire to lead.

    So the question is, "Do you want to live a life looking to be served first or a life where you serve others?" The latter is much more rewarding. Serving first will allow you to tap into the wonderful sources around you – friends, classmates, close friends and other people. All you have to do is care, put the needs of others before you, share the power and help others to be this kind of leader as well. If you do this, you'll experience a feeling that you'll never want to release. You'll secure the support of others around you.

    I am energized everyday by my desire to serve you as your leader. All of us are ready to start your adventure to success. Trust me/trust us; we are here to provide you the direction you need to achieve success. All you have to do is focus on these principles:

    1. Work hard and work smart

    2. Be a leader by serving others

    3. Enjoy the adventure; have fun!

    On behalf of all St. Paul American School Staff and all who work for the Nacel International School System, I welcome all of you to a new and exciting 2014-2015 school year. It is my hope that this will be most successful year you have ever experienced. Enjoy the adventure!



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