1. What is the curriculum used at school?

American curriculum developed by St. Paul Preparatory School. Unlike IB or A Level, the program is self-developed by St. Paul Preparatory School under the guideline of Academic standards promulgated by Department of Education in Minnesota. This curriculum is very similar to that is widely accepted by public and private schools in United States. American curriculum is best designed to educate American students to further advanced to higher education program, such as universities and college in United States.

2. How many subjects do you teach at school (per sector)?

School curriculum will be running with 5 main subjects: English, math, science, social studies, and electives. Electives refers to art, music, PE, IT, and any other subject that are not considered to be the main subject.

3. What are the nationalities of students attending the school?

We offer your child(ren) a diverse school population with students hailing from over 26 different countries, six of the seven continents all around the globe-United States, Russia, Spain, Hungary, Japan, Slovakia, Mozambique, Taiwan,Brazil, Korea,Vietnam and many more. Our cultural diversity builds self confidence and world understanding and appreciation in all our students.

4. How can the school help students guarantee a place at university?

St. Paul American School Hanoi are affiliated with University of St. Thomas in Minnesota. Under the agreement, we can place our graduated students to University of St. Thomas with a scholarship up to 50% of tuition. Separately, we signed with ACT on offering GAC (Global Assessment Certificates) program, which will guarantee many students to go study abroad under the agreement we have with ACT.

5. I want to study at St. Paul American School Hanoi but my English is not good enough. What should I do? 

Students whose English level is not yet proficient enough for the regular class activities can join our ESL classes.. ESL science, social studies, and science will be offered, which allows students to earn credits up to 8 credits as a part of electives courses for the pre-graduation requirement. Students will be tested on a quarterly basis to see if they can fit in regular English class.

6. How do we communicate to the school/teachers regarding my children's issues at school?

Since School Year 2016 - 2017, St. Paul Hanoi uses a system named Sycamore to communicate with parents. Sycamore is a student information system that allows parents to stay engaged in their child's education on a daily basis. This tool will help us daily to reach out to parents and for parents to stay connected to their child's education. We utilize this because we know that when parents are involved in their children's education, they do better in school.

This allows teachers to take regular attendance, create assignments for students and report how students are doing with regards to participation, homework, projects and assessments. The parent portal allows both parents and students to track current grades, assignments, due dates and attendance.

Sycamore is also helpful to administration so that we can monitor attendance and grade along with giving us information about the child's family such as the parent's name, address, attendance, graduation progress and demographic information.