Our new elementary principal - Mr. Moo Eiselstein

Mr. Moo passed his exams and is officially earning his principal's license. He is now St. Paul Hanoi’s elementary principal. He is very deserving of this because of his passion for education. This accomplishment deserves a great deal of praise, but we all know Moo; he's so humble with a focus on making this school a wonderful experience for all staff, students and parents.



Mr. Moo comes from the U.S He has a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology degree, a Master of Business

Administration degree, and a Master of Science in Education degree. He is currently enrolled in the Ed.S. – Educational Leadership program at Liberty University and he has applied for admission into the Ed.D. - Educational Leadership program at the American College of Education, which he hopes to begin in the summer of 2017. This is his third year at St. Paul American School Hanoi, where he previously taught kindergarten and third grade.

In his spare time, Mr. Moo is a streak runner; he has run at least one mile a day (he averages three miles a day), every day, since September 22, 2014. He is married to his lovely wife, Dee, and they have two children: Jade, their daughter, is two years old and Evan is one year old.

His dream of becoming a principal was based on his personal belief that the classroom teacher has the greatest impact on a student's social and academic progress.