Go, Eagles, go! - St. Paul Activities

Over the last two years, the sports scene at St. Paul has developed incredibly thanks to the vigorous investment in new facilities, professional coaching staff, and expanded activities diversity.

When you enter our campus, you will immediately see how much activities are appreciated. We recently finished the dugout and new fencing at Dream Field, our signature baseball facility. In addition, we boast three soccer fields, two
tennis courts, a gym for basketball and volleyball, and a swimming pool.

Our international students can immerse themselves in the world of sports. For years, we have offered soccer, basketball, baseball, volleyball, and swimming; we have recently introduced tennis, fencing, badminton, and golf to our students. We are on the verge of launching our taekwondo program, and we have many more plans underway. We call ourselves the Eagles, and we won two championships last year in the Hanoi Activities Conference (HAC). We brought home 2015-2016 trophies for Boys Varsity Soccer and Girls Junior Varsity Soccer! We believe that sports motivate players to perform better academically, and these programs are a vital part of our St. Paul spirit.

But our activities are not simply limited to sports. Our after school program is called Beyond, and its purpose is to enrich our students' lives beyond academics. All students get to participate in Beyond every Monday-Thursday, and we are doing our best to offer brand new activities every quarter. Activities from our current quarter of Beyond include Video Game Programming, Science Fair, Robotics, Journalism, Sewing, Chess Club, and Art: Printmaking. It's all a part of our vision to see our students thrive.