St. Paul American School Hanoi continues to give students a sense of what it means to engage in math and science for a successful future, and we promote the importance of a well-rounded education in the STEM fields (science, technology, engineering and math). We recognize the importance of these integrated concepts and courses for application to real-life situations. We want our students to find creative solutions to real-world problems that result in project-based learning. This is why we encourage art education as well because of the link in has to design. After all, art is an essential part of innovation and building models and simulations. We purposefully engage students in robotics education and competitions so that they improve their design and programming and realize the importance of teamwork and competition as it relates to their future career fields.

We want our students to understand how STEM connects to the real world. Our aim is to give students an interdisciplinary education in a rigorous learning environment, and we strongly believe that STEM is the right way to provide direction to our students to achieve our vision. We will continue to develop the science and math skills of our students while recognizing the need to integrate information technology, engineering and artistic computer-aided design. We will always promote science and math to the Advanced Placement level, but we are excited to get our students to think about their future as it relates to career fields linked to these areas. A program like STEM even allows for all subjects areas to integrate teaching and learning so that students understand how courses are linked to provide a solid education.