St. Paul American School Hanoi works to prepare students for professional success in the global community. Our unique internationally-focused curriculum equips students to become culturally literate by developing critical thinking and communication skills, as they gain a strong sense of personal and social responsibility.

Strategic Direction

1. Students will demonstrate proficiency in academic curriculum by

- Exhibiting the ability to integrate knowledge and experience in all disciplines while applying their learning to real world situations.

- Producing high-level, interdisciplinary, content-based academic work that prepares them for higher education and professional life.

- Directing their own learning and understanding the value of its intrinsic rewards.

2. Students will develop and refine their critical thinking skills by

- Demonstrating effective problem-solving using various strategies.

- Illustrating proficiency in gathering and applying information based on prior knowledge, empirical research, and diverse worldviews

- Using critical analysis and comparative thought to formulate educated positions.

3. Students will demonstrate their ability to communicate effectively within an intercultural context by

- Advancing skills in oral and written language.

- Expressing thoughts and ideas with clarity and purpose.

- Recognizing, analyzing, and evaluating various methods of verbal and nonverbal communication.

4. Students will exhibit personal and social responsibility by

- Practicing personal and academic integrity.

- Accepting, appreciating, and understanding human diversity.

- Developing cultural competencies and a culturally relative perspective.

- Understanding the impact of individual and collective action.

- Cultivating leadership skills in preparation for success as global professionals.