The campus is designed to separate the elementary section from Middle and High School in order to give the older students a campus more custom designed for their needs. This autonomy for the higher levels will be given to the young adults which will provide space specifically catering for their needs.

The elementary school has its own facilities other than their classrooms. An indoor play room, craft and arts rooms, individual ESL facilities with its smaller library and their own separate outdoor playground will keep the younger students well occupied.

The performing arts section has been given detailed attention where students can focus on skills and activities in state of the art surroundings. The music department has individual practice rooms and facilities that compare favorably with state-of-the-art schools globally.

It is indeed necessary to mention that St. Paul Hanoi has the first purpose designed baseball field in Hanoi. Indoor and outdoor basketball courts, tennis courts and soccer fields compliment the campus picture. Two swimming pools, a standard 25m pool as well as an additional elementary teaching pool for non swimmers add to the completion of this amazing campus.

Green space which is sadly lacking in most parts of Hanoi will be long forgotten when you are a student at the new campus. This new neighborhood has plenty of green parks and mature trees have been transplanted.